Sweet Potato and Lentil Wat

What’s for dinner ?

Wat !



No, what’s for dinner ?


Can you just imagine the poor husband’s befuddlement ?  Of course I can’t blame him for not knowing what “wat” is, because quite frankly neither did I.  Which didn’t stop me from attempting Ethiopian Sweet Potato and Lentil Wat.   I even made the berber spice mix on Sunday night for optimal efficiency on a Monday night. I did have a moment of panic tonight when I pulled out the split peas and thought, wait aren’t these suckers the ones that recipes always say take about 20 min but you need to cook for a good hour or be organized enough to soak them the night before ?   I thought I was doing pretty damn good to whip up Berber spice mix a night in advance.

Anyhoo, unsoaked split peas irregardless, it was a pretty good  dish.  I do confess that I added a tad bit of honey and I left out the cabbage so it wasn’t quite true to the recipe.  But!  It was super healthy and yummy and check out the pictures on the recipe link because once you see them, you’ll really want to try it.  Alas, I don’t think my pitiful photos are going to make anyone want to give wat a go.

Oh and I made whole wheat flatbread and roasted brussel sprouts and broccoli too!  We are oozing with good health the last 24 hours here at sophiachow.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Potato and Lentil Wat

  1. Sara

    That sounds exactly like a dish we had at an Ethiopian restaurant on Friday night! If you like Berbere I will send you some (although you seem to have done just fine making your own). There are lots of stores and restaurants that sell it around here because there are so many Ethiopians and Somalis. Yum!


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